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About Us

One Another Community is home to people who embrace kindness

Our dedicated team of 100+ volunteers from all over the globe have come together to make our mission of encouraging social kindness and enabling authentic community connections a reality.


One Another Community

Our mission at One Another is to reduce isolation and loneliness. We’re doing this by providing a trusted platform that allows those who need the help to access the innate kindness of their neighbours. By enabling a safe, secure community connection, we can create a ripple effect of kindness. Kindness is the way we can change our world.

How it started

I was in Europe in March 2020 with my 3-year-old son when the lockdown in Spain began. Luckily, I was safe with a loving family and full pantry. Despite this, the initial moments of panic and fear are not easily forgotten. And as I sat in the safety of my mother’s home, it hit me just how lucky I was and how difficult this whole experience would be for a huge number of people who didn’t have access to this safety I was afforded. It got me thinking – what would I have done if my grandmother didn’t have support?

Or if I was stuck in an unfamiliar hotel room with my son without assistance, for weeks on end? These were unprecedented times. One of the only bright spots throughout this entire experience were the acts of kindness we were witnessing. Neighbours singing together as night fell; friends checking in with one another, despite being apart; acquaintances making sure their elderly neighbours had groceries.

It was a moving depiction of humanity striving for goodness while society as we knew it was rocked to its core. And it was inspiring – I wanted to help make a difference for those in our communities who perhaps did not have access to this kindness. I found others who agreed with me, that making a difference both now and into the future was an essential goal that needed to be achieved.
So the idea for One Another was born.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead describes our mission at One Another best: “Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilisation starts. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” We are those citizens. We have the power, and thereby the responsibility, to help those in need. So let’s get started.

Our goal

Ultimately, our purpose is to encourage people to help one another out as good people do. Team One Another has come together to build this passion project to life; building a secure, national platform that provides a trusted place, where Australians know they can go to request and offer assistance to those in their local communities that need it the most.

Our dedicated team of 100+ skilled volunteers from all over the globe have come together to build our platform, and make our mission of encouraging social kindness and enabling authentic community connections a reality.

Team One Another

Current team members

Alumni contributors

Our values


We are making requesting and offering help, as easy as possible


Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. – Helen Keller



No judgement. Inclusive. Not here for everyone, but here for anyone who needs it.


We still have a choice, and those choices still have the power to do something.


Support is born from genuine empathy, and it is why we exist and a result of our existence

Safety through integrity

It’s only through each person’s two way trust that the community can innately feel safe and secure.

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Do you have a question? Want to tell us about something incredible in your community, or just say hi? Talk to us directly at: lisa@oneanother.community

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