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Want to offer, or request assistance from your local community?

Join One Another TODAY and start connecting with members of your local community straight away. Offer or request assistance from our One Another Community members. One Another is where kindness and action come together.
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The problem

It’s not easy to ask for assistance and surprisingly hard to offer it.

Traditionally it is hard to source opportunities to volunteer, and when opportunities are found, the on-boarding process can often leave budding volunteers deflated and disengaged.

Conversely, when requested assistance, it can be really daunting and overwhelming, and those who do require support often don’t know where, or how to ask.

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Our solution

One Another Community is a social kindness platform that provides a trusted space for members of local communities to request and offer assistance.

Members simply create a profile, get verified by uploading a valid police check (optional) and start making authentic community connections by searching tasks on the dashboard of their local area.

To ensure compete comfort when offering or requesting support, One Another’s messenger service, enables members to chat securely prior to completing tasks.


Having a friendly chat


Picking up groceries


Handy tasks


…and anything else!

Meet Team One Another.

Without our dedicated team of over 100 skilled volunteers, One Another simply wouldn’t be possible. We truly believe that kindness in our communities is the way to a better world. We have created this life-changing platform as a pro-bono passion project for positive social change. Click below to meet each of our wonderful team.

Great initiative!

“We really need such platform as people like me will find it extremely useful to help people in need, without having to know them, and can find them easily.”

I think...

“…of my own grandmother at times like this – her neighbours always helped her.

Everyone should do this.

 I can’t remember last time I did it but I want to do it now.

Because my friends and family...

 …are a long way from me and I would want people to do the same for them in my absence and because I want to build a community here. Sometimes the person helping gets more gratification out of the deed.

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