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2020 has been a trying year but it’s been incredible to see communities rallying together and supporting one another.

Let’s celebrate the upside, the moments of kindness.

Say thank you to someone for putting a smile on your face, whatever the reason.

What are we grateful for?

On the One Another app, you’ll see a live feed of heart-warming gratitude notes that people are posting.

Perhaps it’s someone you know or someone you don’t, gratefulness is all about sharing gestures of kindness that you’ve seen or experienced. Together, we can spread gratitude and joy.

Join the conversation with your own shout-out today.

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We’re thrilled to welcome community partners: Young Henrys, Lux et Veritas, Lentil as Anything and Barmuda, who will be supporting our Notes of Gratitude campaign by creating a kindness wall for people to leave kindness notes, notes of gratitude, or even kindness affirmations for members of our community to take away.

One gesture, one note, one community.
A whole lot of love.

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Meet Michelle.
Foster mum. Youth Mentor.
One of our Heart & Soul Story Angels 👼
Michelle volunteers on our program and her passion and skills are an invaluable asset when working with our students from youthoffthestreets who have been taking part in face to face and virtual STEP this year. If you are interested in how you may be able to help, read what Michelle has to say about what she gets from her community service, then let us know in the comments below or DM us 🙏💫

“I firmly believe that giving back to the community is an investment which not only benefits others, but enormously enriches your own soul as well. The past decade being a foster carer has had some serious ups and downs, but seeing the positive difference you can make in a child’s life has got to be the best reward.

I find working with young people genuinely inspiring. I love how they view the world and naturally think outside the box, with enthusiastic creativity and fresh ideas.

I first became involved with Youth Mentoring through raisefoundation 3 years ago, volunteering with their in-school program to support teenagers who need someone to listen and help them with their goals. When I heard about the amazing work Heart & Soul Story were doing with STEP (Seniors & Teenagers Empathy Program) I was excited to get on board and see what blossomed from such positive inter-generational connection. The results have been wonderful! I love watching the aged-care residents as they chat to our young people, their eyes light up and their faces glow as they share treasured stories from their past. And for our young people, I love watching their change in perception, the humility and respect that grows after each visit or call, as they learn that inside the elderly are souls not all that different from themselves.”

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Without each other we accomplish nothing. Love conquers all!
#4Life #4Love #4OneAnother #4Neighborhoods

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Happy World Kindness Day!

Whether it's a small thing, substantial thing or with others, we hope you find your own way to act kindly and be the change we want to see in the world.

#collectivekindnessaustralia #4oneanother #worldkindnessday #NPCaustralia #care4rare

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Community is integral during these uncertain times.

How has someone in your community shown you kindness recently?...Perhaps a free coffee when your card didn't work or a helpful hand with your shopping bags, or even a friendly smile in the street? How ever big or small, let's champion those moments.

Share your note of gratitude via a social post or story tagging @oneanothercommunity and #4oneanother and nominate three of your friends or family to do the same. Let's kick start the community spirit and spread social kindness.

#randomactsofkindness #makesomeonesmiletoday #oneandanother #bekind #volunteering #community #smile #positivity #choosekindness #spreadlove #smile #community #education #love #volunteering #makeadifference #4oneanother

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@ParliamentonKing is a social enterprise café on King St, Newtown in Sydney. They pay and train refugees and asylum seekers that are new to Australia so they have the skills to survive in a new country. Parliament also offers 'The Soup of Human Kindness' during the pandemic to help anyone that is going through hardship.

Shout out to this cool café in Newtown for sharing social kindness. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, get in touch with them!

#oneandanother #bekind #volunteering #community #smile #positivity #choosekindness #spreadlove #smile #community #education #volunteering #makeadifference #4oneanother #newtown #thesoupofkindness #parliamentonkings #socialenterprise

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