Your body was designed to be healthy and is always working towards restoring health. It is important to understand that healing takes time and can be thought of as having momentum.

Either momentum in losing health or regaining it. Imagine a tyre rolling down a hill. It takes a lot of energy to stop negative momentum and a lot to turn it into positive momentum the other way. Once that momentum is going in a positive direction however, it is much easier to maintain it.

“Health is a condition in which all body functions are carried on normally, meeting all body demands for adaptation to the environment” Dr Galen R. Price.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. It is very common for parents to put off their health needs in order to concentrate on their children’s needs.

While this is very understandable, for the sake of your kids, you need to set time for your own health. You are no good to your children if you are sick yourself.

Looking after your health now will reduce the chances of them having to drop everything to care for you later. Take time to plan out your health in at least these three areas:

  1. Physical health – Physical stress can be in the form of poor posture, falls, degeneration, sports injuries.
  2. Mental health – Emotional stress can be in the form of grief, fear, money worries, family sickness and relationship trouble
  3. Chemical health (diet) – Chemical stress can be in the form of things such as medications, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, dairy and gluten

It is obvious we cannot eliminate all stress throughout our whole life, but we can increase our body’s ability to handle these stressors when we encounter them. We need a fully functioning nerve system, and to make lifestyle decisions to increase the strength of our body in these areas.

For physical adaptations could be proper exercise, yoga, Pilates, gym, postural exercises. Chemical can be reducing sugar, alcohol, medications as well as adding more organic foods. Emotional change can be meditation practice, exercise, time with family, and journaling.

Ignore your health and it will go away. Just like a learned skill, being healthy takes effort, consistency, persistence, and time. We are either gaining sickness or gaining health. You have a choice which one you want to be.

I want to get healthy but where do I start?

To get started towards restoring health we need to recognise that there are stressors in each category specific to you, that you can eliminate or reduce –

  1. Physical stressors Eg poor posture, injuries, falls, time at your desk
  2. Chemical stressors. Eg sugar, nicotine, medicine, gluten, dairy
  3. Emotional stressors. Eg money, fear, grief, family, job stress

Start with one of these things that you identify in your life and minimise or eliminate it. The next step is to find one thing in each category that you can do extra FOR your body.

Physical. Eg Yoga, walking, swimming, pilates
Chemical. Eg More greens, organic food, vitamins
Emotional. Eg Meditation, writing, time with friends

When you start to make small changes in these areas you will find your health improvements start to snowball. Commit and be patient.

As you start to improve your health, notice how is affects the people around you. How will your family, friends and colleagues benefit if you are smiling more, less irritable, more inspiring, more approachable and understanding?


You will notice that the ripple effects of you becoming healthy reach much further than you first imagined. Maybe you are inspiring some of them to act also.

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